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How do I offramp through Utopia?

  1. Click Off ramp in the off-ramps tab to navigate into the convert USDC tab of off-ramps.
    1. Notion image
  1. Upon clicking the Off ramps button if the user has not done KYC they will be prompted to follow the KYC process here and create an account
  1. Then after following the process and getting verified the next step is to connect a bank account here.
  1. After both of those signup processes the user can input the amount of USDC they would like to offramp and the model should show the gas fee as well as the Utopia Labs fee.
  1. Upon hitting the convert button the conversion should go to the confirm model where in the user can hit the create transaction button which will prompt the user to execute a transaction to convert their USDC.
  1. Then you will be able to see the status of the transaction on the view history page.

What happens if I haven't received the money to my bank account?

First and foremost ACHs can take 3-5 days from our product so please be patient. Over holidays this duration can lengthen as well.

With any issues after that length please contact

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