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How do I create an account on Utopia offramps?

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  1. First, if you have not already created an account hit the convert button under the convert USDC tab in Off-ramps to reveal the popup to get started.
  1. Next, a popup to agree to the terms of service for our partner bridge will popup; Review the terms of service and accept.
  1. Next, fill out the account creation form and hit submit.
    1. Our off-ramp partner, Bridge, legally requires us to collect the following information. This experience is only open to U.S. residents (excluding N.Y., L.A., F.L., and A.K.) aged 18 and older.
  1. Next, the account will be in the verification process which may last 30 seconds - 5 mins
    1. This may also prompt additional KYC through an external link to our verification partner Persona.
  1. Lastly once all is approved you should receive an email and see account details in the Manage account page.

Why did I fail KYC?

This could be due to AML checks as well as other concerns our KYC partner hasm but the most likely reason is just due to a typo in personal details please try again, or seek email support at


How do I do KYB?

That is not available yet but coming soon!

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