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What happens if I’m a DAO?

Select “DAO” in your KYB flow in persona - and we’ll ask for managers/controllers instead of UBOs.


All Utopia DAO’s are required to go through both the core + enhanced requirements for USDC bank transfers.

1. Create account or login at

2. Head to your settings page

Notion image

3. Click “business verification”.

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4. Accept the Terms of Service

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5. Fill out your KYB details by clicking “verify your business”

This will take you to a new page, where we KYB with our partners over at Persona.

We will ask for information such as…

  • Entity Name
  • Principal Operating Address
  • List of all Beneficial Owners (25%+ ownership) and a Control Owner (if different than Beneficial Owners)
If you are a DAO, make sure to select the toggle.
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6. Check your email

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After you KYB in our product, the owners of the business will have to finish the application to verify that they are the owner of the business, email should come from

Once you check the "DAO" radio button in the KYB flow, we’ll ask for managers/controllers instead of UBOs.

7. Within 3 business days, we’ll get back to you on your application status.

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