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How are incoming and outgoing values calculated?

Incoming and outgoing values are displaying the absolute token amount at the time of the transaction. These values are being pulled directly from the blockchain.

What type of transfers are being displayed?

All transfers resulting in a token inflow or outflow from a given Gnosis Safe or wallet are shown on the Bookkeeping page. This means transfers executed outside of Utopia are also being displayed.

Why are some transfers grouped with multiple transfers?

Grouped transfers represent a type of payment on Utopia. A Utopia payment can include multiple transfers, indicating multiple recipients or tokens. Once a multi-transfer payment on Utopia is executed, it will manifest on the transactions page as a grouped transfer.

Who can see my public Bookkeeping page?

If you have your public Bookkeeping page enabled, anyone with your public link can see a read-only version of your transactions page. If youโ€™d like to disable it, you can do so by navigating to Settings โ†’ Privacy.

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