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How do I see, or add a token?

In Utopia, you can add tokens to your token allow-list by going to your settings page, navigating to your token allow-list, and adding a token by searching for the ticker or pasting in a contract address. Make sure it's not a spam token. The added tokens will show up in the "token holdings" page in the payments page.

How do “token allowlists” work in Utopia?

These are tokens that you can send in and other people can request in. The first token will be the default section.

How do you add a token?

  1. Go to your settings page:
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  1. Navigate to your token allow-list
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  1. Add a token - you can search by the ticker, or paste in a contract address. Make sure it’s not a spam token!
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  1. Your tokens should now show up in the “token holdings” page in the payments page!
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