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How do I manage admins for my safe on Utopia?

What is an admin?

An admin for a safe on Utopia is a contributor that is not a signer of the respective Gnosis Safe. To that end, they have all other administrative abilities on Utopia, such as:

  • Creating payments (but not creating on-chain transactions)
  • Editing payments (before they’re put on chain)
  • Labelling / categorizing on the “Transactions” page

Simply put, they’re not able to create, approve, or execute transactions on chain.

How do you add an admin?

  1. Navigate to the Settings page for a given Safe. Then, navigate to the Admins tab.
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  1. Click to add admins.
      • If they are not added to your contributor database yet, you will have to add them as a new contributor.
      • If they already are a contributor, simply search to add them.
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