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How do I create a recurring payment?

Notion image
Notion image
  1. Click “+New” > “Payment” to navigate to the payment form.
  1. Fill out recipient details.
  1. Toggle “Is this payment recurring?” to “Yes”.
    1. Set your desired frequency. “Frequency” is the rate you want your payment to generate.
    2. Set your first payment date. “First payment” is the first day your payment plan will generate a payment.
    3. Optionally set your last payment date. “Last payment” is the last day your payment plan will generate a payment.
  1. Select a category that best represents the purpose of your recurring payment. For example, if you’re creating payment plans for payroll and have a category called “Contributor compensation,” you may want to select that category.
  1. Click “Create payment” > Click “Done” to finish creating your recurring payment. Recurring payments will be generated in 'All Payments' based on the dates and frequency you selected.

Note: Creating a recurring payment will only generate payments. You’ll still need to pay your generated payments by creating and executing a transaction. Please see here to learn how to create and execute transactions.

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